Hilltop History

It all began with August & Corra Hollath, cheese makers by trade. They dreamed of owning property in the Twin Bridge area and heard of a forty acre parcel for sale, but could not afford the $240.00 to purchase the property. In 1939, Felix DeAdolph, a friend of the family and music teacher to the children, came to their home and threw a dirt covered sack of coins on the floor and said, “Here, go buy the property.”.
August bought the parcel and, with one horse and some sawmill equipment, he cut trees and planed the wood to build a wooden windmill to generate electricity for water. After retiring from the cheese factory, he bought some Army barracks from Georgia to build two cabins . . one for their home, the other for the bar, which they called Kollath’s Resort.
August and Corra ran the resort in the summer months through November, until his death in 1951. Corra continued to run the resort with help from their son, Wally, and his wife, Della. Two years later, Wally accepted a job in Milwaukee and they moved.
At this point, Corra’s daughter, Lorraine, and her family, including her husband, Henry Kralovetz and their three youngest children moved north to help Corra run the resort.
The forest fire of 1953 threatened the Resort. Battling the flames that came within 5 feet of the building, they successfully contained the fire and saved their resort. In 1954, their friend Felix DeAdolph built a large ball covered with mirrors and colored glass, and this became a landmark for the resort until it was destroyed by vandals in 1994. Other improvements included indoor plumbing, extended living quarters and a bar area, where Lorraine, a musician by trade, provided live entertainment nightly.
Upon Corra’s death in 1960, Lorraine and Henry Kralovetz, with the help of a close friend, Mr. Atkinson, purchased the property and renamed it Hilltop Resort. In 1972, they sold the resort to their son Jim and his wife Joan. Henry and Lorraine continued to live there until Lorraine’s death in 1975. Henry passed away in a nursing home in 1978.
Jim and Joan Kralovetz and their family enlarged the resort by adding a supper club, motel units, and a mobile home park. They also started karaoke, which is still going strong today!
In 1996, Jim and Joan sold the Resort and Supper Club to their son, Keith, who continues to run the resort. The bar has changed slightly, reflecting a sports bar theme. The rest remains unchanged. The mobile home park continues to be run by Jim and Joan.